Bristol Palin’s husband slammed for placing gun near baby

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The husband of TV star Bristol Palin, Dakota Meyer, has sparked controversy after posting a picture that sees him showing off his holster favorite gun and putting his real gun near his 7-month-old daughter Sailor grace Meyer.
He also shared a pro-gun message in the field, saying it is now carrying around a gun also to protect their loved ones.
It take has always been important to me for my own safety, but it is now imperative because now I have someone retransmission me (sic) “he wrote.
“Every day, wherever you go, whenever you take and I am honored to be the use of the sheath stripe @gcodeholsters blood (sic).”
After the message some people took to social networks to close the 28-year-old former marine.
Meyer and other members of the Palin family have strongly supported the right to bear arms.
Recently he partnered with Bristol Palin LifeHouse Maternity Home in Louisville, Kentucky to design a charity T-shirt with the words “Pro Life, Pro God, Pro Gun” printed on it.
Last week, was published online a picture of her modeling shirt. “Please do me a favor and support this amazing place and di Latina how you feel about life, God and weapons” which subtitled complement.

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