Twitter is a narcissist’s help centre: Simon Pegg

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Hollywood actor and director Simon Pegg thinks Twitter is “a narcissistic support center”.

Pegg, 46, who decided to abandon the social media platform after he reached five million followers, said the comments “mean” some of his followers would set online assumptions, reported Guradian online is not lost.
“I felt I had given the world my phone number. I would read the answers and was no one to bother you as if they knew. Twitter is the center of the help of a narcissist. People generate their own celebrity on it and then buy in it. they drink the Kool-Aid number of followers. lots and lots of people would be lovely and I would give this little buzz validation “.
The star appeared as as Unkar Plutt, the Junkyard distributor Jakku last year in “Star Wars: The Force wakes up” and admitted the science fiction franchise fired his imagination as a child and may even have acted as a form of escapism .

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