Kevin Spacey’s Nine Lives to release in India in August

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Nine Lives, a film starring Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey as a man trapped inside a cat, will be making its way into theaters in India on August 5.
The live-action comedy disclosed in India by PVR Pictures, said in a statement.
Barry Sonnenfeld, known for men in Black trilogy, is back this time with the comedy film Nine Lives. The film also stars Jennifer Garner, Robbie Amell and Malina Weissman.
The story follows a ruthless tycoon owner Tom Brand (played by Spacey) whose style of life addicted to work leaves you disconnected from your family.
In a quest to please his daughter, brand planning to buy a cat for her and while on his way back from the mysterious pet shop, encounters a strange accident. Then the brand is magically trapped inside the cat’s body. Now, he has exactly one week to reconcile with his family or remain a cat for the rest of his life.

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