Vanessa Williams re-marries husband Jim Skrip

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“Ugly Betty” star Vanessa Williams has tied the knot with her husband Jim Skrip second time.
The bride looked stunning in a wedding dress with a deep Pamella Roland V neckline. The couple exchanged vows again, a year after marrying an Egyptian themed wedding, reported Ace Showbiz.
The actress and her husband opted for a lower profile wedding for your second wedding.
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“Yesterday we took a last walk down the aisle -..! This time in my little Catholic church officially married #MyJim Amen”, wrote in a photo.
In another image, Williams showed his silly dance during “part deux wedding weekend.” The 53-year-old star called her “Whip, Nae Nae … Stanky Leg” moves.
Williams was married to Ramon Hervey II in 1987 and then to NBA player Rick Fox in 1999. She has three children from his first marriage and shares a daughter with her second husband.

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