Blackstar’ sales soar as Bowie’s musical and financial legacy endures

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LONDON: Sales of David Bowie’s last album – published two days before his death from cancer – was fired on Monday along with downloads of their greatest hits, testimony to the powerful attraction of a pioneer in pop culture and business music.

Giant Streaming Spotify said current music Bowie rose 2.700 percent on Monday while the Official Charts Company in the UK, said the album “Blackstar” Bowie on his way to the top spot on the charts with sales of 43,000 since its release Friday.

Bowie, who produced hits such as “Ziggy Stardust” during a career that offered boldly displays androgynous sexuality and bright costumes, died at age 69 on Sunday.

It was the first artist to sell securities, known as “Bowie Bonds’ against its intellectual property and backed by future revenue from its music.

The bonds, which are now paid, were purchased by Prudential Insurance in 1997 for $ 55 million, and let Bowie retain ownership of their work instead of selling copyright.

The model, built by investors David Pullman, was later adopted by artists such as James Brown and the Isley Brothers.

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