Katrina Kaif: I don’t have a dream role

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Katrina Kaif is an actress who has worked with large nominal stars in the industry since the beginning of his career. While the actress today falls into the first-class support, it is also pertinent to note that it has never been part of any female movie centered unlike many of his contemporaries. However, Katrina Kaif is not too worried about not having tried a starring role aimed at women in their career so far. PHOTOS: ‘Phantom’ stars Saif Ali Khan, Katrina Kaif take his talents to the stage of “Indian Idol”, I say yes to a script every time he touches my heart. I have been fortunate to have had good deals. Scripts that women are targeted in nature have not resonated with me. I do not know if that’s my fault, “said Katrina Kaif. Despite being part of many commercial spinners money, Katrina is not exactly a dream role.” I do roles that inspire me as an actor. It is up to the director to convince me and you get to sell your vision. There are things I need to connect to before saying yes. I have not a dream role. Each script is unique and no one knows when that next big hit movie. Not for you to dream about something. In my head, I would dream of being in a period film and I would play a girl who is dying of cancer and yet have an incredible attitude such towards life or a girl with a broken heart to take revenge becomes a psychotic murderer. It’s all about what the scripts in your way. Directors expect good stories come to me what I am able to connect to, “says Katrina, who is preparing for the launch of ‘Phantom’ opposite Saif Ali Khan.

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